Global Drug-Related Deaths 2010

Drug Deaths on Earth 2010

Source, UNODOC. Opening statement on their website concerning Prohibition:

Illicit drug markets have global dimensions and require coordinated responses on a comparable scale. In other words, Prohibition creates a police market. It kills most in developed countries, why? Look at Africa. No money, no drug problem.


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One Response to Global Drug-Related Deaths 2010

  1. All the weird shit used to make drugs that are prohibited and end up killing people, unlike cannabis. Cannabis is Schedule 1 – absolutely absurd -, does not require monitoring of precursor production markets (who monitors dirt and sunlight? it’s already free), kills no one, can be taken safely, and can is impossible to self-administer in a lethal dose. Cannabis shouldn’t even be considered a drug as such.
    International drug treaties are about counteracting forces used to fight organized crime and the corruption that comes with the criminalization of a lucrative market. Prohibition fails because the system is not built to deny wealth, and drugs create wealth. The money just turns dirty, and corrupts both economic and political systems.This undermines communities down to the family and individual level. Money is involved, and where there’s money there should be first and foremost personal responsibility. Personal choice and civil liberty.
    I don’t advocate any drug use, but I don’t see the sense in wasting resources against something that gets more dangerous every year. Prohibition creates a more efficient black market. Meanwhile, pharmaceuticals that, by treating symptoms instead of root causes of problems, maintain unhealthy lifestyles that ultimately kill. Eat healthy, get plenty of rest, have a stress relieving activity, and help others.
    Energize, educate, liberate.

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