Obama, seriously, we need to talk

My two cents on Obama’s rather unpoetic, snide approach to dealing with the failed Drug War – seriously, this isn’t high school. There will be no interception:

The difference between a positive and a negative legal contract is simple. If parties do not sit down and review all angles (medical, scientific, logical, political, legal, economic) then the Feds, by not testing, and not addressing the other parties with due dilligence, are breaking the social contract, and would be engaging in negative liberty, the “can’t take that away from me dang it” us vs. them hold-out. If parties sit down and and have the full benefit of the discussion, then it’s a positive civil liberty, a reasonable common will understood and recognized by all. The administration’s Federal non-participation is abnegation of the very process which made this federal law in the first place, and thereby has lost its seat at the table. Prove that it has no value, President Obama. Prove that you smoking it and got away with it is unimportant. Make up your own reality, but let the rest of us agree what is real, and it’s really time to face facts and stop turning our non-violent, civil liberty loving democracy into reprobates to satisfy lunatic special interest. You may get up and leave the table, or you can lead, but the rest of us are going to, with great mindfulness, move forward as a world united.

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Obscurity is eternal.
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1 Response to Obama, seriously, we need to talk

  1. mrsmooney27 says:

    You said that beautifully!

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