On Obama’s Promise to Rehab 1st Time Drug Users

How about doing nothing? End Prohibition, and you don’t have to do a dang thing about someone trying a drug. Zero action, zero taxes.

If someone commits arson, they’re never charged with a crime for being mad, or for being weird about lighters. Being angry, even crazy angry in your brain area, is not a crime. Burning stuff is bad, and dangerous: crime. Simple. Being horny: not a crime. Being a rapist: crime. Being greedy: not a crime. Stealing pensions: crime. Being foolish: not a crime. Doing something dangerous or something that deprives someone else of their liberty is a crime. Driving impaired: not a crime. Driving dangerous: insta-crime.

I’m not advocating driving impaired. Some people are impaired, stupid jerks from the moment they draw their first breath. But without stupidity, there is no learning. Without foolishness, there is no common sense, without greed and avarice and apathy there is no virtues, no sanctuary for human growth. You can’t outlaw plants, nor the human condition, you silly goose. Just outlaw BAD THINGS that PEOPLE DO TO SOMEONE ELSE. Let’s say someone got high and threw a brick through a window because someone dared him to. Would you outlaw courage to thwart foolishness, outlaw foolishness to protect the decent? What is it about those attracted to power that causes them to fall under the spell…of power? Power is just as dangerous: crime. Why can’t people just be satisfied with just punishing the act which causes unavoidable pain to another?

So, if people are intoxicated, just leave them alone, they’re off in their private struggle, gone fishin’.

Or, punish them for what they do to another human being – being giggity should be protected. Life, liberty and the pursuit of giggity. The cause of what made a person do something to hurt someone else shouldn’t supersede the nature of the transgression.

The Drug War funds organized crime. Stop being ignorant. Hey Biden, go outlaw photons for enabling plant growth, Stupe-burger with a side of Stupe sauce on Stupeday with Dr. Stupe and my dog Stupe Dog in your face, silly goosenuts! Joking aside, this is serious dollars and sense we’re talking here.


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