People who take Prozac are at least ten times more likely to commit suicide. Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors are a class of drugs that are seemingly handed out like aspirin. Any drug that has a high incident of causing the harm its intended to prevent is, for lack of a better phrase, fucking crazy.

I just read a bullshit send-up of the Lanza family in the WSJ, and it actually tries to positively spin these factors I’d site as elements which would contribute to Adam’s problems. Adam’s dad divorced his mom, married his girlfriend, and had poor – if any – communication with Adam. His mother drank. A lot. What kinds of drugs was she on? Wonder what kind of drugs Adam was on. She went to a bar most nights. I wonder how that played out at home with hyper-vigilante Adam sequestered in his basement with loads of guns. Why didn’t she work? Why didn’t she leave the house much? Tin foil hat alert, but that’s another story.

The WSJ reported they often went to gun ranges, so “she could bond with Adam”. What kind of bonding involves shooting guns, anyways, at human silhouettes? That’s weird, period. Why not go get some ice cream or catch a movie?

If Adam had all of these problems, why did he have access to guns? The kids at Columbine were on SSRIs. I would think any decent physician would want to determine whether or not the home environment was appropriate for someone prescribed drugs that were linked in almost every case of MASS MURDER. Jesus!

Super tin foil yellow brick road crazy red shoes alert: Things I’ve read in the past 24 hours. 1) the source of Adam being perscribed Fanapt was supposedly his uncle – wrong, it was a weirdo in Florida, a young man, with a shaved head and neck beard. Many of the original threads involving this sited source have been erased entirely.

There is no credible evidence Adam and his mom went to gun ranges. Classmates said Adam “dropped off the face of the earth” after leaving school. His mother rarely went out, or socialized without some booze handy. She loved the Red Sox. She went out and left him alone often. Apparently, she was planning on dumping him off at a “special school”  in Washington state. The car Adam drove to the school was registered to a Christopher Rodia, a man with a troubled history. Rodia had outstanding warrants in Connecticut at the time of the shooting, a history of Oxycontin addiction (Rodia’s mother worked at a company that manufactured Oxycontin), and lived at a house with a guy who couldn’t stay out of jail and had a website called “” and a woman recently arrested for copper wire theft with her junkie uncle. Drugs are a HUGE part of this story. Where was Rodia. Where is Rodia? Apparently he has connections in Florida. How is a couch surfing weirdo living with junkies able to afford a fairly new Honda Civic, and why was it at Adam Lanza’s house. Christopher had a background that indicated he liked to manipulate mentally handicapped children. His niece, the copper thief, was described as a mentally challenged “crack baby”. Christopher also sold guns. Chris’s father was in prison for manufacturing automatic weapons. That’s crazy. Apparently  the guns were going to the Latin Kings, a violent gang. And why was Adam’s computer hard drive smashed. What drugs was he taking? What was the name of the school in Washington where he was going to be committed?

There are more questions than answers. What were the drugs he was on? What did his mom do for a living? Why was Adam driving Christopher’s car AND carrying his brother Ryan’s ID? Where is Christopher Rodia. Where is Peter Lanza? Where is Adam Lanza? Why are they still in federal custody? What was on the hard drive? Chris Manfredo, the man found skulking around the woods wearing “camo pants” was a former principal of Newtown High School and had approved of the rigging of the school with a crazy good surveillance system by someone named Novia, who befriended Adam before being fired from the school for attacking a student.

My tin foil shining moment. I think Adam was en route to do a mass killing, and Manfredo was in on it. I think the Bushmaster in the car was supposed to be carried by a second gunman. I don’t think Adam destroyed his hard drive, I think someone else did to hide information about the Lanza’s connection to illegal gun trade with the Latin Kings.By all accounts of what I’ve heard about a drug called scopalomine

Scopolamine, also known as levo-duboisine and hyoscine, is a tropane alkaloiddrug with muscarinic antagonist effects

Adam could have been supplied with a motive as easily as giving him medication. Incidentally, astronauts are given a mixture of scopalomine and dexedrine to combat space nausea. Scopalomine is the drug that people give you when they want to control you. It produces amnesia, loss of free will, and a feeling of euphoria. Mix that with some speed, some adderol or whatever, Ritalin. Yeesh. In any case, I call bullshit. Please legalize marijuana and chill the fuck out, people, please.

In any case, check this out again

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