How to Start Your Own High Five K

Ask me about starting a race, ya? There are certain things to consider.

  1. Location: Course, permissions and/or permits
  2. Waiver: Make sure you don’t get sued because someone falls down or does something stupid or gets filmed doing something stupid.
  3. Don’t be stupid.
  4. Track and field equipment: Timing, course markings, water
  5. Refreshments: more water, snacks, maybe shelter
  6. Award ceremony: In the chute or after the laggards straggle in? How to roll.

    High Five K chute

    Pass out awards as runners finish the race. Have three people working the chute. One calls times, one puts bib number to times, one hands out awards, checks medal to number/name for wrap up celebration.

  7. Goodies: T-shirts, medals, trophies, knick-knacks and whatnots
  8. Clean-up
  9. PR and ads before race: Local media, online media, running clubs, campus clubs, flyers, word of moth, B2B
  10. Sponsorship
  11. Direction of funds
  12. What is your message? Have you contacted your House delegate for support?
  13. The race: Be on time, have crowd control (signs leading to event, parking, gear check rules, and so on), have your volunteers know exactly what they’re supposed to do. Be professional.
  14. Make a report and document the experience. Submit it to High Five K.

This is more than about marijuana, or civil liberties, or networking to get good karma. This is much bigger than me, and I’m happy to’ve become the change I wanted to see. I’m a long distance runner. I’m obsessed with healthy living, and I truly believe the legalization of marijuana is much bigger than just a boost for patients and physicians to improve personalized, palliative care. Knowledge without compassion is not wisdom.

This lifts the economy, lifts the stigma from the community – you don’t have to be a reprobate because you need medicine. It lifts people. I liked the idea of doing this as a kind of “high five” to my people out there. I was overwhelmed by the support I got. At first I wasn’t sure, but after an hour on the street handing out flyers, I was committed. You made me a believer. This was a total eye-opener. I’m doubtless this is a really positive way to advocate, but there’s tons of ways. Be creative! Do your High Five K however you want.

Whenever I wear my High Five K t-shirt, all sorts of people say they totally agree with legalization. It’s important that this message goes into positive places in the community. People use races as awesome fund-raisers for all sorts of good reasons. I love running, helping people, and having fun.

I am going to organize a race, possibly a triple crown race series in Pittsburgh in 2013. I’ll post more information as this comes together.

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