SSDP Brings Opportunity Back to College Students

Imagine a college rent-a-cop finding a joint on your son or daughter’s person, and reports it. That part time security guard just assured an expulsion, and initiates a downward spiral for your kid. They’ll not be able to get a decent job, maybe do some jail time. They’ll be denied credit, denied opportunities that many of us take for granted, all because of choosing to light up instead of getting blackout drunk and puking in a bar parking lot like decent upstanding American kids are supposed to, then maybe driving home after doing a line of Jägerbombs. Nope, your weekend toker is doomed to a life of lowered expectation…because often times a charge for possession on campus is worse than getting one on the street. Colleges risk getting those federal dollars unless they ratchet up insane penalties for minor possession of marijuana, whether its medicinal or not.

Enter the SSDP, the Students for Sensible Drug Policy. They’re fighting for your family, for the right to an education and justice for colleges and universities we can agree on.

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