Illegal Search and Seizure

Know Your Rights. If a cop stops you, you have the right to refuse a search of yourself or property. If a cop approaches you with a gun drawn, they’ve already denied you that right, so whatever they do in your car or clothes or butt or dog’s butt is already illegal. I had a cop pull me over with a gun out because I was wearing a fedora. I had whiskey in the car, because I was going somewhere to drink it and play some wicked bass guitar all night. Rock and roll is very awesome and cops respect the power of rock and roll. However, I was pulled over because the cop said I fit the description of a guy wearing a fedora who beat up a tattoo artist and rode off on a bicycle. I had nerd glasses, he had nerd glasses. I was polite with the cop. I actually asked him to search my car because he’s seemed really upset. He appreciated that. I, of course, had no weed in the car. Brains, check. The bottle of whiskey I had had a broken seal, but he didn’t get me for open container because i was totally chill. I’ve had cops take weed from me and keep it. I had cops ask me to throw a pipe out after finding nothing in the car to smoke using it. I kept my cool, but I should have denied search from cops for having a busted tag light. That is not cause for hostile and dangerous activity. If you are black, however, this is a different story altogether. The NY stop and frisk laws are basically horrible cases of racial profiling being used as probable cause for criminal activity, and that’s ridiculous

You have the right to privacy of your property and person. Protect those rights. Especially if you’re not rich. If you are chill, if you are able to calmly refuse a search, to ask why they want to search the car and ask to leave having reasonably dismissed the perception of an officer that you are acting the fool, then you can go. Cops hate paperwork. Do cops a favor and save the trees, for cryin’ out loud. And don’t be stupid.That’s the platinum rule.


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