Avoiding Drug War Facts: Why the President Is Hiding in His Room

When I talk to my five year old about problems he’s having, he gets upset and runs out of the room. He avoids confrontation if it forces him to consider doing something he doesn’t want to do. it doesn’t help him or me. So, why is Obama and key individuals holding the keys to the locked doors of Drug Policy Central and both refusing to talk, and refusing to let anyone in to look to see if anyone’s actually working there? Who’s in there? Is it the world? No, it’s a bunch of rich old farts who don’t seem to be living on the same planet. 

The United Nations Office on Drug and Crime (wow, that’s an association if I ever read one) has some work to do. They’ve recognized in Vienna this year that :

Rebalancing drug control policy through alternative development, prevention, treatment and fundamental human rights, UNODC will continue to build international cooperation and to help Member States respond to these threats. If we are to confront these challenges, however, both supply and demand need to be reduced. There is growing recognition that treatment and rehabilitation of illicit drug users are more effective than punishment. Of course, this does not mean abandoning law enforcement activities; instead, the supply and demand sides need to complement each other. This means balancing our efforts against drug trafficking with alternative development programmes for farmers and helping drug users to
be rehabilitated and reintegrated into society.

This trend has been rolling forward, albeit with the speed of a drunken sloth on Xanex, for the past 4 years or so. I think Obama is playing four forty-four stud poker. He’s betting on the last four cards. He’s waiting to see what these four organizations have to offer: organized crime, banks, big pharma, drug intelligence. These are the four cards lying down on the table. Everything’s so corrupt and screwed up that Obama needs to wait for these four elements to get their shit straight before he goes public. I was naive to think he’d shift policy overnight when Colorado and Washington said bye bye to marijuana prohibition. So, all of these policies hint at a long game. 

So why so restrictive? They claim that they want to regulate growers so you don’t end up buying marijuana grown by terrorists. That’s partly true. They need to get the cartels and their organizing elements to go legitimate and work out their internal problems later. They also need to limit the amount that individuals can grow because that will cut into the false front businesses operating under the guise of banking and pharmaceutical organizations. 

I could be completely wrong. I’d love it if anyone would discuss this stuff with me. 

As long as Obama avoids the referendum, he’s buying time for the shady shady that makes this whole mess go ’round. I don’t think we’re in Afghanistan to reduce opiate production. Face facts. It’s exploding. Why you no see, Batman? Why you no have happy face? Did we go to Iraq to steal their oil, President Halliburton? Why you no frackity frick and frack? Why you no solar? Because solar is free, because weed is free. Weed is extremely easy to grow. That’s why it’s called, uh, weed. Opium, not so much. Opium is muuuuuuch more profitable to smuggle. Think about 17th century nutmeg trade. Light weight + scarce sources = exponential profit. Heroin, same shit, different diaper. Microprocessors are different because you can’t get barefoot farmers et up with tapeworm and Fear to grow them. You need labs. The precursor chemicals in drug trades are what UNODC are after. Money. 

The United Nations is trying to slow the inevitable total collapse of the Drug War by grinding production down to a nub. If nation after nation legalized it, and everyone grew it, there’d be no way to extract money from the peonage. It’d escape their control. It’s all about money. Reduce supply, increase demand. The idea of using marijuana profits to spend on rehabilitation is just about as has stupid as you can get. No one dies smoking weed. It’s not a problem.

 Now, alcohol and tobacco, what to do? What do we do with the billions they generate? Nothing. The ATFE will still have regulatory power. But with weed, we’ll have less death, less social disruption, less violent disobedience. A win-win for everyone. The problem is getting around to finishing this game of poker Obama’s playing. People are going to jail as I write this over minor drug trafficking and possession charges. Seriously, if there wasn’t prohibition, think how many people would not be going to jail. Prohibition failed. It just drove the markets underground. It’s like looking under a kindergartener’s desk and finding all the gum he wasn’t supposed to be chewing. Loads of it. As long as Obama continues to drag this out, the other players will continue to shift into position to assume control and power over the market. So be it. 

But hurry up! 

Seriously? What’s going on? To what extent is Obama’s mincing caution and exaggerated discretion on the  Failed Drug War issue making him increasingly an inconsequential element in the discussion, and how does that encourage people who would oppose his other positions use this as a way to advance other agendas that are against the public interest?

As long as Obama fails to address and recognize accurately public sentiment, his detractors will use his discretionary attitude to advance against other policies he can’t address immediately. People are hungering for a more agile government because telecommunications is absolutely exploding, and the political system has not really woken up to the fact that information is traveling at rates of speed that are exceedingly not just faster, but exponentially faster. Governance from remote high castles is too far removed from the substance of the forum. Sitting in a room with suits over a nice slow weekend, typing up reports and rehearsing speeches. Fuck that shit, said YouTube, Twitter and everything else you can get your hands on. Simply being able to accurately interpret this flow of civic will is good leadership. It’s providing good voice and maybe even lend some vision to what is going on. 

So, my kid’s coughing up a storm, and he’s been sitting playing his Nintendo DS for three straight hours. I have to take it away from him and tell him to play or do something else because I believe sitting cross-legged for three hours bent over a hand-held devise has interrupted his respiratory system to such an extent that he’s not breathing well, and he’s no longer trying to breathe strongly, nor cough up the phlegm that’s in his lungs. He just hems and hacks feebly every 30 seconds. It’s driving me nuts, so I ask him if he drank his juice. Silence. I ask him if he wants to play. Silence. I ask him if I can do anything for him. He hollers at me that I’m mean (for taking his Nintendo DS) and runs upstairs to rock on his bed and sing songs of self-pity. I go up to play with him, cajole him into returning downstairs, and he just sits on the couch staring into space. He’s upset, so I make suggestions again. He just sits there, immobile, hacking every few seconds. That drives me up the wall. Finally, I order him to drink his juice, and he runs upstairs again. He’s not well, and I try to help him, and he refuses to engage, even in expressing his desires. He does that coughing thing about two hours into a Nintendo trance, but he fails to see the connection. I could give up, but the situation is already screwed because he gave up on himself. As a daddy, I have to care for him. He’s only five years old. 

But Obama’s voice is muted by our federal policies in dealing with controlled substances as how they relate to foreign commerce and diplomacy. The Convention on Psychotropic Substances is interested in “drugs” which “alter the mind” or “affect the behavior of the brain”. I literally cannot think of a single thing which doesn’t affect my brain. That includes water skiing, eating key lime pie, burping and playing piano. All of which could be considered psychotropic. The interesting thing about the absurdity of the UN’s drug policy is that it bold-face denies the effectiveness of its “balanced approach” of threatening use of certain drugs with jailing or forfeiture of life, property and rights. It also does not include the horrible deaths suffered by millions of people each year as a result of recreational tobacco and alcohol consumption. It therefore doesn’t address the expediency with which this problem needs to be addressed. The UNODC doesn’t address its own obsolescence. It’s not that they’re wrong, it’s just that their out-of-touch. Hurry up! Whatever happened to work ethic, anyways? What, are they high or something? No? Well maybe they ought to fire one up! Do something to change the abysmal folly of attempting to subject vulnerable populations of people to draconian laws that profit corporations that actually end up harming society. The UN’s decision to focus less on criminalizing certain drug markets – each drug represents a market, money – and more on the existent problems inherent in the positivist liberty that affords big pharma, cartels and banksters the chance to buy our government into unquestioning obedience backfired. Maybe Obama ran upstairs to check his head. Choom Gang. I hear it calling you, O. I hear it, but I don’t yet see it. Your’re not grounded. Finish your card game with your buddies, clear your throat, and hurry up!   

Freedom of speech, which is quite unnecessary to most people’s individual ambitions for themselves, has nothing to do with selfishness. It is, however, indispensable to the most basic, organic, social responsibility a people can have, which is the responsibility together to decide, in civic response if not in formal elections, what their collective political values really are. 

A couple of quotes by philosopher of law Richard Dworkin:

If we are to be morally and ethically responsible, there can be no turning back once we find, as we have found, that some of the most basic presuppositions of these values are mistaken. Playing God is indeed playing with fire. But that is what we mortals have done since Prometheus, the patron saint of dangerous discoveries. We play with fire and take the consequences, because the alternative is cowardice in the face of the unknown.


Freedom of speech, which is quite unnecessary to most people’s individual ambitions for themselves, has nothing to do with selfishness. It is, however, indispensable to the most basic, organic, social responsibility a people can have, which is the responsibility together to decide, in civic response if not in formal elections, what their collective political values really are.

I guess if Obama keeps stalling, in the end whatever he pronounces will no longer be radical as long as Campbell’s Law is applied to the evaluation of the “problem”. 

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