Get High, Go to Prison…Then Get High Again: The Life in High Security

Doubled numbers of drug usage inside Ohio prisons since 2011 survey. Primary drug of choice? Marijuana. Because you can’t smell people smoking blunts and shit in prison.

A total of 6,828 inmates in 28 prisons in the state system were tested, with 227 positive for drug use. If the 3.32 percent positive rate was expanded to cover the entire prison population of 49,783, that would mean about 1,650 inmates were on drugs at any point in time.

Efforts to shift prison employees into prisons, and out of “central-office positions” (sounds like punishment, doesn’t it), targeting of higher confiscation rates vs. lower incident rates of intoxication, and an effort to test prisoners they know are not using drugs in an effort to sweeten the numbers, check. Wouldn’t it be better if prohibition ended?

If there are 2,266,800 people in prison in the United States (“highest” incarceration rate in the world), and 3.32% of them will test positive for drugs, that means over 75,000 people are getting fucked up in prison at any given time. If you legalized weed, those numbers would drop considerably. Right?

Drug crimes in prison are rarely prosecuted in a legal system already clogged with drug cases in the outside world.

Good job, Murica. Prison: a place where laws don’t apply to people who feel laws don’t apply to them. Winning!


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