Negative Propaganda About Marijuana from The White House

Remember, medical marijuana is legal in Washington D.C. That means Obama can smoke it, and most of you cannot. This document is a cobbling of associative nonsense. What I was able to take away from it was this:

  1. It is far less harmful than opiates, alcohol and tobacco.
  2. Illegal trade of marijuana fuels violent gangs.
  3. People enjoy it precisely because it makes them feel good.
  4. There are no deaths associated with it. Zero.
  5. Mentally ill people risk complications from being intoxicated from marijuana – whereas the risks associated with being mentally ill are much greater in scope. Prescription drugs don’t cure mental illness, deal with it. Pharmaceuticals = total bullshit.
  6. Kids can buy illegal drugs. If drugs were legalized, there would be less chance that people would sell it to them because it wouldn’t be as expensive.
  7. The “social costs” of marijuana would be dependent upon labeling people who take drugs as being “abusers” as opposed to calling them “sick people who need medicine” or , simply “people”. People have always taken drugs. Drugs are good. That some drugs are legal and some are not is a choice you can make as a citizen under the tyranny of drug oppression.
  8. The drug war follows a policy to uphold these illusions despite the government owning patents on cannabinoids and endocannabinoids.

Moving ever so slowly away from Prohibition is a strategy to let big money players move in and seize both control over and access to people’s choices over their own bodies. Pharmaceuticals create as many problems as they solve. They have lobbyists. Not all lobbyists care about the public. Are you a member of an amalgamate public interest group? Yes, it’s called being a Human Being, and remember that you are allowed to stand up for yourself as a Human Being with rights and powers.

We are organisms. Ingesting plants and natural substances is how we adapted and evolved for thousands and thousands of years. Taking away control over our own bodies is tyranny. It is not justifiable to me, nor is it healthy. Polluting our environment and our minds? White House, it is time for you to stop doing all that dirty work!

Leave my body alone!

It makes me angry that people are so ignorant to allow powerful turdlings in the pocket of powerful interest groups to continue to get away with publishing such bad science to support absurd concessions to pharmaceutical companies, alcohol, and tobacco interests. Notice basically no mention of booze or tobacco on this snake oil soap box. This is about politics. Think about it. Why is the political system concerned with shaping the medical market? Because the medical market is shaping political power. Follow the money.

Please send this link to your local marijuana advocate group. Make them aware The White House is pumping out this nonsense.

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