Five Exciting Medical Reasons to Smoke Weed Every Day

The discovery of pot’s astonishing medical potential is the most compelling new reason for legalizing the plant.

Highlights from article:

1. THC and other plant cannabinoids are not only effective for the management of cancer symptoms (pain, nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, etc.); they also confer a direct anti-tumoral effect, according to peer-reviewed studies by scientists at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco and Complutense University in Madrid, Spain.

2. Investigators at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, found that THC inhibits an enzyme involved in the accumulation of beta amyloid plaque that disrupts communication between brain cells, the hallmark of Alzheimer’s-related dementia.

3. According to researchers at Kings College in London, cannabinoid receptor signaling choreographs neurogenesis (the creation of new brain cells) in adult mammals and also regulates the migration and differentiation of stem cells.

4. Chinese scientists have shown that the painkilling effects of acupuncture are mediated by the same cannabinoid receptors that are activated by THC.

5. Pharmaceutical companies are exploring ways to induce therapeutic outcomes by manipulating levels of the body’s own cannabinoids. Animal studies indicate that it’s possible to attenuate a wide range of pathological conditions (including hypertension, colitis, neuropathic pain and opiate withdrawal) by preventing or delaying the enzymatic breakdown of endogenous cannabinoids.

Hear that? Big pharma need money. Big pharma sorry for lobbying against marijuana. Big pharma want money. Ass for eternity! Ass nova!

I grew up  knowing I was being lied to about a whole bunch of different things. Stupid people are easy to control when you can find what makes them happy, so LIES. From an early age, we are encouraged to accept ridiculous and absurd notions, like Santa Claus, trickle-down economics and the hale and hearty hatred of people we don’t understand. Growing up is about being critical of the things you think you know. So, when I heard about all the smart people I knew were smoking marijuana despite the frightening propaganda in the media, I felt like I should lend a critical perspective on it myself.

Lo and behold, I found that the U.S. government has patents on medical marijuana. I found that Santa wasn’t real, and Wall Street is a farce, where money appears out of thin air…because EXPLANATIONS. And when it tears apart communities, that means those sweet and cozy explanations are either absolutely wrong, or bullshit. The difference is in knowing the truth from the falsehoods. The problem is our industrialized society has removed from people’s lives the need to be courageously critical of their environment. Society says, “Relax. Let us make these tough decisions for you. Shut up and keep working. Report abnormal behavior. Report people who don’t share the same opinion you’ve been forced to accept about the government, about your spirit on this incredible plane of existence. Accept that your role in life is to consume and die for as much profit as possible, and crap on anyone in your way. Greed, ignorance and despair.

Enter the CANNABIS of truth. It is strong, contains fuel, medicine, potential use for numerous rich sociopaths quietly, quickly maneuvering themselves to snatch up the profits on the horizon.

I’ve been marching and bitching about the verifiable truth of the value of marijuana for twenty years. Whenever I ran into someone laying down the same old tired bullshit line, I invited them to prove it. Creationism? Fucking prove it. Smoking a joint is dangerous. Fucking prove it. The medicine that you take is safe and effective? Fucking prove it. American exclusionism isn’t about us being special, it’s about being delusional. The flipside to the American Dream is the American Flim-Flam. It’s horseshit. It’s bad science. It’s burying good research for profits.

We’re not up against scientists, we’re up against politician shills and douchebags who use their positions to exploit the ignorance of the population. They get away with it by threatening people with violence and incarceration. Anti-curious, anti-scientific. That’s the average American. The tyranny of the Drug War must end. Hey America, grow a pair, and grow up. Use your mind. Shove all kind of ideas into it and see what really makes sense. And the next time someone offers you a threat and a softcore explanation for taking away the ability to control your own life, rip out their eyes and throw them at traffic. Leave them screaming blind in the funhouse. Make them search for their own way out, and by climbing through a hole in your head.

The only way to endure this shitstorm of raw lies pummeling me like an LRAD at a public demonstration is to be critical of information and how it is obtained.

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    More and more beneficial reasons to Legalize Bud in the United States of America and the rest of the world as well.

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