Face Palm: Marijuana Edition, starring Michael Botticelli

Deputy Director of National Drug Control Policy Michael Botticelli, on the job since November 2012, (back when people voted that  weed was okay in Colorado) admits weed was less dangerous than alcohol. 

Because science is different than tyranny. Because people are tired of the failed drug policy. Because the past year has hosted a tsunami of face palms, from NSA spying, to banks laundering cartel money and rigging the game, the idea that someone within the ranks of the White House administration echoes the President’s sentiments only proves that the power structure is finally shifting to absorb the wealth inherent in the emerging hemp/cannabis market.

Legalization happens when the power structure is aligned to profit more than average citizens. The war on drugs is a racist, hegemonic form of inverted totalitarianism, a reduction in the amount of possible choices and positive civil liberties affecting the greatest amount of people. It’s stupid. And the powers that be have learned how to allow scientific inquiry dictate a policy that was better left to people who make healthcare their profession. 

Doctors are not retail salespeople. They experiment. Experimentation is the basis of science. Politicians need to get with the program. Maybe they finally are. I’m hoping on behalf of all the families affected by marijuana prohibition that something will bring them together and give voice to liberty, to happiness, to community, to truth.


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