Cost for Non-Preventable Drug-Related ER Visits Higher than Preventable Ones


Hospitals make more money from drug-related ER illnesses if the emergency could not be avoided. That makes it easier for pharma to push shitty drugs onto the market. The support network is geared to treat the failures of of our medical system. Healthcare is a profit-driven business. Until care is socialized, you can expect profit derived from maintaining a sick system. Why ban drugs that put people in the hospital when this is a form of acceptable treatment?

For example, cops are now carrying OD-reversing heroin medicine, because people can’t afford oxycontin, so they go to dealers to get heroin. It would be better if sick people had more access to legal care. Why should you go to jail for an OD? Why lift the criminal stigma of being addicted to dangerous opiates when local police departments can make money administering medicine = equals more money for drug companies and helps incorporate police departments further into corporate neofeudal arrangements with companies holding the purse strings?

Check here to read about the 93,000 people a year who go to the ER every year to treat drug-related illnesses from psychiatric drugs.

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