Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Leader Man Dude Rockstar Cowboy Jedi Ninja Considers Federal Legalization of Marijuana


The Senate Judiciary Committee is asking Obama to sit at the table. This is the moment! At this point, it is all posturing until Obama can craft the historic statement that changes the future of America. Obama is going to reschedule marijuana. Hopefully the rescheduling of all drugs is brought up to date. Meth is pretty dangerous, for example, and it’s not schedule I and there are lots of dangerous chemicals and hazardous conditions under which it’s even manufactured. Labs can blow up an entire building. This is really, really good. But enough of that.

Shakespeare smoked weed. I will quote him when this happens and leave this blog as a historic document chronicling one person’s witness to the transformation. After the proclamation (notice how confident/foolishly optimistic I am that this is going to happen) I’ll document positive steps to bring marijuana into the realm of palliative care, into recreational use, revisit its history, and explore the ramifications of America’s history of promoting civil liberty.

I think this is one of the most important moments in my life, in our lives! I will get to see people free themselves and their neighbors.

For all the people sick and suffering, for all the non-violent marijuana offenders in jail, get ready to have America open its arms to you. Mercy is upon us, and liberty shall be our covenant!

Health care will get cash flow! This is the magic bullet! Shoot straight, B.O.! Do it to it!

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3 Responses to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Leader Man Dude Rockstar Cowboy Jedi Ninja Considers Federal Legalization of Marijuana

  1. The Spideron says:

    Given recent events concerning marijuana law changes, I believe the USA is heading in the right direction. The public have woken up to the reality of Richard Nixon’s War on Drugs. They’ve seen the collateral damage, learned of the lives lost and ruined in this futile war, become fed up with the vast sums of taxpayer’s money wasted on the enforcement of puritanical values. Other countries in the Americas are also giving serious thought to legalisation, in particular Mexico, who has lost more than sixty thousand of her people in the six-year struggle with the drug cartels. I think that if the US legalised cannabis on a federal level, those crime lords would be soiling their breeches with fear, knowing they would be robbed of much of their income and power. America, meanwhile, would enjoy a massive boost in tax receipts and trade income. It will happen one day.

    • Organized crime also loves real estate. We could have commercial property buy-ups by cartels, stimulating business growth, which would give ground to an increase in interest rates, eventually bringing profits to lenders. Drug cartels, with all that loose money, would benefit by essentially becoming a nationalized lending institution, much in the was Dutch pirates of the 17th century were granted pardon and position withing nations in order to maintaining control of trading routes. Security concerns drive profits up, so money will go back into inventing enemies of state. I am not very bright, but I know that people in power are always looking for leverage, and the end of Prohibition is a unifying target. It’s like a boogeyman, a wizard’s spell.

      There has to be an angle. It’s already been planned for years, no doubt, because prohibition allows for confiscation of property, a loss of rights over property, piracy in its most sanitized form. Nationalizing the pirate institutions will create new territories of growth, new networks, new forms of exotic financial transactions tied, essentially, to property. And what’s cheap right now? Remember the mortgage crisis? If that wan’t in place, then the buy-ups wouldn’t be so unbelievably profitable. With taxes and revenue will come lending, from institutions directed by pirates, our legacy continues. The United States is a robber baron nation. South America, Europe, those will be our new base. Uniting South America through our drug trade is totally counter-productive to China’s rising middle class. China has, historically, never been defeated from without. It’s always cannibalized by its peonage. Building a middle class isn’t a Chinese gift, it’s a defense mechanism against the rising tide of change we are about to undergo as Borg. I think of the corporate hegemony as Borg. Crapitalism crystallizes around seeds of potential, and absorb outwardly, while it organizes internally the chaos of money flowing inward. It’s as though a cybernetic force drives this process.
      And trees are good.

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